Our Brands


Ghanouj express brings you the inimitable taste of authentic Arabian food international sandwich in the vicinity of Jeddah's most spectacular and panoramic Corniche


Kibda literally means liver and most Arabs enjoy eating fresh goat, lamb and chicken liver throughout the year. Kibda is a popular delicacy and is part ofthe Arab cuisine and culture. 


BTY is unique theme that provide kids with a contemporary setting shop and enjoy a variety of food – mainly in a safe, vivid and engaging environment.


Barista espresso is chain of coffee shops that delivers a truly Italian coffee experience in cozy, friendly and relaxed environment. It aims to provide a comfortable place for people to unwind over interesting conversations with a cup of premium coffee for the first time, Barista will be launched as a one of the finest and world-renowned coffee shops in KSA.


Living up to its name in the truest sense, Shalimon offers natural fresh fruits and colorful juices to juice lovers.